Design | Typography

Seven Up


It’s our seventh birthday this October and we want to mark the occasion and introduce our wonderful new Senior Designer –
Lisa Park – to the SML team. The Seven series are designed by Lisa 🙂


Branding | Design

Bar Machiavelli


Bar Machiavelli a brand new Italian restaurant has recently opened on Neild Avenue in Darlinghurst, Sydney. The core of the identity idea is the name and its meaning – for Machiavellian is principally about duplicity and duality. The logotype has a split personality and was designed to work seamlessly with the interior concept – its distinctive style, dramatic space, along with incredible food. Central in the restaurant is an enormous art wall of a male and female head to set the scene along with a rich palette of dark aubergine and red from which the brand palette derives. Heads by Robert Doble. Interior by Jason Mowen.


Architecture | Photography

Melbourne Architecture


This Melbourne Architecture series was photographed by Tina Bachmann, a Design Student who interned with us from Hochschule Darmstadt in Germany. Tina showcased Melbourne from her perspective and the results are beautiful. Photography Tina Bachmann.