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Melbourne VIC 3181

145 East 74th Street #PHC
New York NY 10021

Rejuvenating Sydney’s musical mavericks

Ensemble Offspring

Ensemble Offspring are Sydney’s musical mavericks, uniting innovative Australian instrumentalists with a broad collective of collaborators to champion the music of tomorrow. Driven by discovery, they explore new ideas through living music that leaps across art form, creating intricately crafted experiential performances that transcend genre and place, stimulate the senses and pique curiosity.

The voluminous and joyful EO identity series represents their brand values and unique personality that is outspoken, restless and welcoming. It’s bold simplicity opens up unlimited possibilities to experiment visually throughout their inspired events and adventurous collaborations. The letterforms become windows to view each event with art, imagery and the musicians underlying each performance.


Gold / Identity
Graphis Design 2022

Bronze / Logo
Indigo 2021

Bronze / Website Design
Indigo 2021


After a successful 25 years in the music world Ensemble Offspring’s Brand did not reflect the company and who they had become. The Ensemble needed to reposition themselves in order to build their audience base, showcase their new work and events (to live stream during Covid) and importantly gain donors and funding to support this amazing group of musicians


The new EO brand represents their unique personality that is outspoken, restless and welcoming. The joyful simplicity of the mark gives us unlimited possibilities to experiment and play, using the mark as a window to view their artful collaborations, eclectic imagery and the musicians behind each performance. The website now has the breadth to showcase brave new work and inspire and excite their audiences and the benefactors who support them

“SML websites are both functional, unique, and beautiful and we are extremely happy with the final result they created for Ensemble Offspring.”

Claire Edwardes

Artistic Director | Ensemble Offspring

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