1 Kent Lane
Melbourne VIC 3181

145 East 74th Street #PHC
New York NY 10021

Aquabelle Aquabelle

Redesigning the belle of the beach

VeroGuard VeroGuard

Creating an icon in cyber security

Solubility Solubility

Clear solutions for creative businesses

Toppi Toppi

Branding an Italian culinary force

White Night White Night
White Night

Reimagining a city for one night

Luna Park Luna Park
Luna Park

Revitalising a cherished icon of fun

Sinisgalli Foster Sinisgalli Foster
Sinisgalli Foster

A unique identity for a unique law partnership

Amiti Amiti

Delivering a fresh vision in IT

Lewers Lewers

Revitalising a visionary agency

Fenton Stephens Fenton Stephens
Fenton Stephens

Redefining an independent creative agency

259 George 259 George
259 George

A new vision for an old icon

Paul Bangay Paul Bangay
Paul Bangay

Revitalising an established practice

Nike Running Nike Running
Nike Running

Designing an artful running space

Converse 16 Converse 16
Converse 16

Constructing the Converse All Stars gallery

Ecosmart Ecosmart

Showcasing a smart design destination

Converse Converse

Constructing the launch of a new classic

Converse 15 Converse 15
Converse 15

Creating a sneaker gallery

Converse 14 Converse 14
Converse 14

Reinventing a studio of style

Marie Claire Marie Claire
Marie Claire

A clever campaign with a controversial twist

Marcs Marcs

A cool campaign for influencers

Mr Cook Mr Cook
Mr Cook

Creating a floral design force

CP Audio CP Audio
CP Audio

Producing a new force in sound

Nike 11 Nike 11
Nike 11

Redefining a media launch

Bar M Bar M
Bar M

Designing a contemporary Italian classic

Nike SS11 Nike SS11
Nike SS11

Creating a penthouse to pavement showcase

Cherry Cherry

Infusing luxe into late night