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A Fresh Spin

Wash’Em All

Wash’Em All is a laundry service that aims to make the laundry process easy and convenient for those who are too busy, unwilling or unable to do it themselves. They offer a one-stop solution for laundry needs, from collection to delivery. Whether you’re a busy professional, a parent with a packed schedule, a sports club manager with large amounts of laundry to wash each week, or an Airbnb owner who needs sheets and towels washed quickly, Wash’Em All is here to help. Through essential touchpoints of its website, and driver and customer apps, WEA has a goal to cultivate a community that consistently surprises and delights its customers and strives to provide its employees with a sense of pride and engagement in their work.


Silver / Identity
Graphis Design 2024


Wash’Em All has recently undergone new ownership with a refreshed approach to the business. The idea for Wash’em All was born to help others feel the same satisfaction of ticking it off the list, of reclaiming some precious time and being able to focus on what truly matters. With a focus on providing a seamless experience across three target audiences – driver, customer, and laundromat – the aim is to create a distinctive, modern brand that communicates the primary objective: to provide an all-inclusive one-stop washing experience. The digital applications are especially key for a seamless experience across the website and customer and driver app touchpoints. The brand and communications aim to set WEA apart from the less tech-based competitors and establish them as a leader in the market.


The “Wash’Em All” name encapsulates the brand’s essence with its simplicity and descriptive nature. The circular brand identity symbolizes the fundamental process at the heart of the business – the washing cycle – which effectively complements the brand idea of “Lighten the Load.” This dynamic brand element conveys the idea of motion, progress, flexibility, and efficiency. It reflects their dedication to continuous improvement and the drive to deliver exceptional laundry solutions that surpass expectations. The brand exudes a refreshing and energetic appeal with three distinct colors to represent each audience – aqua (Driver), lavender (Customer), and ultramarine (Laundry) – giving a feeling of cleanliness and calm, while also imbuing the brand with an invigorating vibrancy across all applications.

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