Formerly ISGM, they had created in 6 agile years a $500m turnover business spanning 3 industries, but were not a well known brand or presenting themselves as the game changing distinctive business they are. SML renamed and rebranded ISGM with a meaningful brand shift, linking business vision and brand strategy – to become Tandem – a simple and memorable name that has immediate meaning and connection with the nature of their business.

We created a bold new brand identity and narrative, repositioning the business for a new growth era. We developed 5 core values that celebrate how Tandem people think and consistently deliver the brand promise of ‘Exceptional Outcomes Simply Delivered’ that sits at the heart of all their communications. Core to the brand is the logotype with the dimensional icon framing the ‘and’ in Tandem, highlighting the partnerships they form to achieve brilliant outcomes and that they go ‘beyond’ in everything they do. Indigo is the hero colour as it is bold, strong and simple, just like their approach and pioneering spirit. (Project in collaboration with Chosen)