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Clear solutions for creative businesses


Solubility is a unique specialist law firm offering clear solutions to complex legal questions around IP commercialisation for businesses at the cutting edge of technology, science and creativity, from Australian companies to global enterprises. Their clients operate in a wide variety of complicated, scientific categories, working at the sharp end of new discoveries.

The visual concept began with a ‘full circle’ interrogation of the company and identified it’s expertise and values. The brand idea ‘Clear Solutions’, is encapsulated in the serene Circle identity, demonstrating Solubility’s intellectual rigour and professional abilities – ‘Clear thinking for clear solutions’, and their immersive approach to making the complex simple. The website features an interactive background with animations that expand the Identity into info graphics describing their approach, services and expertise.


Merit / Identity
Graphis Design 2021


After building their successful IP Law practice for over 20 years, Solubility had far exceeded their Brand’s beginnings as it no longer represented who they are and what they do. Their Brand needed an innovative creative solution to appeal to their increasingly global and cutting edge clientele and they specifically did not want to look like a law firm. They wanted a standout solution in the increasingly competitive environment of IP Law that would enable them to realign their Brand strategy and vision for the company so that they could move forward in a meaningful way.


Solubility commissioned SML as its brand partner throughout the project, beginning with the creative strategy and brand idea ‘Clear Solutions’. We developed the artful and serene Circle brand mark to encapsulate their immersive approach, demonstrating Solubility’s intellectual rigour and professional abilities where they promise ‘Clear thinking for clear solutions’. The website design expanded the Brand look with a series of playful animations designed to highlight the Brand mark in expressive ways. We created a cool interactive background along with infographics to illustrate each section and action to give Solubility a fantastic online presence.

“The SML team provided us with a full branding and digital offering, not only re-inventing our brand, but delivering a slick and impressive website which we are incredibly proud of.”

Trinity Dickson

CEO | Solubility

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