1 Kent Lane
Melbourne VIC 3181

145 East 74th Street #PHC
New York NY 10021

Revitalising a visionary agency


Lewers is a forward-thinking research company that harnesses leading-edge technology solutions that allow them to analyse and predict results with an unprecedented level of depth and accuracy. They craft meaning from data and provide genuine and relevant insights based on robust, intelligent analysis and critical thinking.

The original Lewers identity was a flower that had personal relevance to the founder. We reinvented it with meaning to align with the innovation and creativity that is in their DNA and to inject that sense of curiosity and discovery. Constructed from seven symmetrical circles, the number seven represents knowledge and wisdom, it is the seeker, the thinker, and the searcher of truth. The mark multiplies and shifts into seven different formations representing Lewers brand values, their curiosity and joy of discovery, and the communities they collaborate with.


Merit / Identity
Graphis Design 2020

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