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Melbourne VIC 3181

145 East 74th Street #PHC
New York NY 10021

Constructing the Converse All Stars gallery

Converse 16

Following the success of the Chuck II global launch the tone was set for the look and feel of materials for this installation, designed and built throughout three gallery spaces at La Porte Sydney. Stark white steel mesh became a wonderfully light juxtaposition to the hard edged black structure and worked beautifully in the bright space, creating wonderful moray patterns as the viewer moved throughout the collections.

The All Stars gallery was a series of six double sided mesh stands that told a different story on each side. Each story was built and layered with a large wallpaper backdrop, clear framed posters, complete with the featured sneakers visually floating on the mesh. Cons, Jack Purcell and Kids collections were housed within a structure that created a room for each collection, with the sheer mesh enabling a peak throughout the entire space.

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