Converse 15

The gallery location was in the shell of a warehouse about to be redeveloped. We built a portrait gallery hung with floating sneakers on canvases. The AllStar portraits highlighted the personality of a sneaker to it’s owner. A ‘blank canvas’ to make it what you will and what you wear. Individual sneaker portraits were shot of each attendee’s favourite Converse, then framed and gifted to each.

Industrial scaffolding and rebar constructs defined the Cons display, juxtaposed with a floor sculpture of black steel with lighting inside the frames, alongside corresponding steel wall plinths with magnetised hanging Jack Purcell’s.

To launch the space a dinner party was staged featuring Chin Chin’s celebrity chef Benjamin Cooper. The creation of six tiered sneaker chandeliers made of Converse hightops in signature red, white and blue, set the scene above the blank canvas layered table sneaker domes.