1 Kent Lane
Melbourne VIC 3181

145 East 74th Street #PHC
New York NY 10021

Delivering a fresh vision in IT


Amiti exist to cultivate a positive relationship between people and the technology they use. It is the philosophy behind this exceptional IT company that strives to deliver, as the name AMITI suggests, ‘peace and harmony’ to every client and project.

With the trouble, expense and inconvenience that getting your IT system and network wrong can cause, you certainly want a partner who ‘dot the i’s and cross the t’s’ on every project. This philosophy combined with their love of efficiency and attention to detail formed the identity idea for Amiti. Building on the binary nature of all things digital and electronic, we expanded the element of morse code ‘dots and dashes’ (the original communication code) translating messages of ‘peace of mind’ across Amiti’s communications


Silver / Identity
Graphis Design 2019

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